Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Day of the Dead

Happy Third day of the dead everyone!

Yes, here in Mexico City there 3 days of the dead: the 31st, the 1st, and the 2nd. They remember their dead in categories: one day for those who died naturally, one day for those who died before their time, and one day for unbaptized babies. I'm pretty sure those are the categories..but I could have understood incorrectly. And also, while the kids are trick or treating, they yell SKULLS! and you have to give them candy...and if you don't have candy at hand, they accept money as well! It's funny...and cost us a few pesos. But all is well here in Mexico State. And no Mom, I haven't been sick ni una vez!

Sofia was baptized yesterday, and I had the privelege of performing the ordinance. She's going to be such a great member--she's always reading the Book of Mormon and always asking questions. My District Leader, Elder Acuna, told me that Sofia and I look like brother and sister. I strongly disagree, and unfortunately I do not have my camera with me to send photos. 

I hope everyone is looking forward to this week, because I am! Thank you for your prayers and everything else that you've done to help us here in the Mexico East Mission. Love you all.

Be safe and be good!

Elder Budge

PS sorry this letter is kind of short...I spent most of time sending individual replies. Manos a la obra!

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