Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey Family!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is doing great this week. I can’t believe the way time flies here. P days come so fast. This week I had a really good experience that I want to share with you. Ok? Ok.

So the other day, Elder Cab and I were knocking doors, and having little/no really awesome super success, and it was very hot. I was getting a little impatient with knocking doors, because I feel like it’s the very least effective thing we can do as missionaries. I walked up to a door with Elder Cab, and heard people talking on the other side of the gate. I knocked the usual knock and they continued to talk without answering the door. I knocked again and said “buenas tardes!” but yet again to no avail. Elder Cab turned to me and asked me “Do you think they’re going to be cool?” I thought for a moment and then replied: “No…I don’t think so. Let’s go to the next house.” As we were turning to go to the next door, a thought came to my mind (in Spanish…heh heh) and said “No vamos a saber si seran chidos a menos que hablemos con ellos”. That being, roughly translated: “We aren’t going to know if they’ll be cool unless we speak to them.” I stopped, knocked on the gate again and said, almost shouting, “BUENAS TARDES!” A woman answered the door, and I introduced my companion and myself, explained why we were there, and asked if we could come in to share our message with them. She looked back at her husband, and then at her Dad, and there was a moment of awkward silence. Then, almost simultaneously, the three of them said “Yes, come in!” We had a really good lesson with them, and they’re going to come to Church with us this coming Sunday. I will never forget that simple phrase that came to my mind; and from now on it will be my motto. God has thousands of His children prepared to listen to the Restored Gospel RIGHT NOW; we only have to do our part to find out who they are. And how will we know who they are unless we talk to them?

I’m sending a bunch of pictures today, including one of the package Elder Cab received earlier today—his mom sent me American Candies and a sweeeeet tie!

Love you all.

Elder Budge

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