Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello family!!
Man lots of exciting news this week! That's so awesome that Cory, Jordan, Brady, and Jace went to the house for a surprise visit! I love those guys! Haha and I'm glad that everyone was enjoying Brady's awesome one-liners...what a stud. Dang you all look so good. Especially Dad, all skinny! haha. Thanks for the photos and everything else. I have such a cool family.
So this week was extremely abnormal for us in Los Heroes, Tecamac. The District and Zone Leaders had a 4-day training out in Pachuca, Hidalgo, so our week was spent mixed up with other Elders from our Zone. Tuesday and Wednesday I was in a trio with my kid, Elder Montoya, and another new missionary, Elder Castro. It was way weird being in a trio. Contacting in the street was really awkward...and the lessons were weird. But I guess there's a first time for everything. After that, on Thursday and Friday I was with a new Elder in my area named Elder Patterson. Man it was weird to be with an american! I have never had an american companion before. And now I think I know why...we did not speak Spanish all day. But it was a good chance to practice speaking English...I was all mixed up. Turns out he's good buddies with the drummer from the Killers (they're both from Las Vegas and they've know eachother since Elder Patterson was born) and his brother-in-law is the bassist for a group from Utah called Neon Trees. I guess that band is getting pretty big from what he tells me. He kinda trunked me out with all that talk about music. But now things are back to normal! Well, as normal as things get in the mission.
We had some awesome baptisms this past Sunday. We baptized an elderly lady named RosamarĂ­a who has been a Jehovah's Witness for the past 25 years or so. She's so so awesome. She had a hard time recognizing the answers that God was giving her; I think in every lesson we had to explain how the Holy Ghost is manifested to us and how to recognize His presence. But, after some really cool dreams that she had, she decided to be baptized. Everything went awesome in her interview and she was baptized on Sunday.
We also baptized a couple of kids, Kevin and Brian, from a less-active family. It was way cool because last week their mom kept saying "it's too soon, it's too soon" and all that jazz. But after attending Church and the ward activity last week, she told us that she wanted her kids to be baptized THAT SUNDAY. She had really felt the Spirit and was able to recognize the necessity that her children had to follow the Savior's example. Their dad went on a business trip on Friday and showed up in the knick of time for their baptism on Sunday. I love the way the Lord makes things work out, and especially when it's at the very last second. He is truly directing this work!
Church was excellent this Sunday; some recent converts gave some BOMB talks about preparation and perserverance. It was one of the best Sacrament meetings I've been to here in Mexico so far. Can't complain there. That's all the news I have. Be smart, be safe, go to the TEMPLE!
Elder Budge

Monday, August 23, 2010

No one has been called to fail.

Hey family!!!
Man you guys did pretty well today with writing me! Thanks for all the updates and kind words and everything else! It really is a thrill to hear about what everyone is doing. Sorry if there are any typing errors in this email...this keyboard is a real piece of junk. Plus english grammar is not really one of my fortes anymore...bummer.
'Panda, sounds like St George was a blast! I really can't believe how fast you are look like a grown up. And Dad looks SO GOOOD!! I still haven't heard from that man in a few weeks...what's the deal? Mom, I'm glad you had fun in Texas and that you could see some old friends...will you do me a huge favor and when you send me the Genealogy from your Dad's side, make sure to use BOTH last names (the maternal and paternal) it makes making connections easier. Jason, make sure to study hard at Dixie and don't go to too many parties...everyone says Dixie is a party school. Plus you're married so fun is kind of a thing of the past now. Just kidding. But seriously. JOSH! I can't wait to hear that you've turned in your papers...and especially to hear about your call to the MEXICO CITY EAST MISSION! It's unprobable...but I'm allowed to dream, right? Japanese Elder Budge...I feel your pain about embarassing Sacrament meetings....yikes. But, as you know, the elect always feel the spirit anyways. Keep the chin up and talk to everyone! The President just came out with a new rule about knocking doors about a month ago. Knocking doors is not mentioned in Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel, so as of a month ago, knocking doors is against the rules. Cool, Huh? haha.
This week was a week of miracles. Lots of cool stuff. I'm kind of short on time so I'll keep it brief (the Secretaries sent us a lot of stuff this week...). Silvia and Gerardo were BAPTIZED on Sunday afternoon, after a series of problems with the water not working in our Chapel and things like that. BUT, a simple water problem does not stop the will of the we went to the Stake Center and baptized them there! Thwarted yet again, Satan! It was frustrating but really cool at the same time, when we got to the baptismal room there was some writing on the Chalkboard that said: "Welcome! Miracles come to those who have faith". So true. Back in the day Silvia didn't want anything to do with the Church, and actually wouldn't even let us in to teach her mom (we had to teach in a park). But now her and her husband have received the remission of their sins and are very much embracing the Gospel. I love miracles. David, what happened to you with that one guys totally counts as a miracle. Heck, I've done it!
Anyway, that's pretty much all the news I have. I'll be in a trio this week because of the 4 day leadership training, and I will have my DL's cell phone while he's out! BALLIN!! No, i do not normally have a cell phone...but the Gospel is still true! Remember that always.
Elder Budge
PS- Photos of our 4 baptisms last week (Jesus, Mayra, Kelly, Eva) and from the baptism of Silvia and Gerardo this week. Plus the awesome chalkboard.

Monday, August 16, 2010

In a time of Spiritual War...

We are united.
Hello family!
Once again, thanks for all the letters and updates and everything else! Seems like summer is ending well, and I don't think I'll be receiving news with the same enthusiasm once everyone is in SCHOOL again! But I'm glad everyone is ending their summer with a bang. Man Mandy, I'm super jealous about your VIP ticket thingy with Jack Johnson. I hope you took some photos! And Miranda, sounds like you're going boating a ton! And have fun tomorrow with yet another boating activity. Be safe.
Grandma, thanks for the update! I'm not so sure they were trying to get rid of you by giving you a bike for your birthday haha. Oh the things I would do in order to have a bike here in Mexico...we're not allowed to have bikes because they get stolen really quickly. Haha I love Mexico. Thanks for writing!
Welp, this week went pretty well for Elder Montoya and I. I feel very humbled by the success we've been able to have...and that's one of the most important lessons I have learned: choosing to humble after experiencing GOOD weeks instead of being forced to be humble by bad ones...needless to say, I am very very content with the way the Lord has been able to bless us and help us out these past few weeks.
Working during the week was pretty normal, we found a few people who said they were interested but didn't go to Church, a less-active family with two kids that need to be baptized who also didn't go to Church, but the rest of our investigators were able to attend Church without a problem. Sonya and Carlos have kind of hit a barrier for the immediate future; but we were able to baptize two of their children, Jesus and Mayra, along with Eva and her daughter Kelly. It was a really special baptismal service, because we've hit so many speed bumps on the way to the baptismal font...I feel very grateful that the Lord allowed everything to work out. Haha on our way to the Chapel for the baptism, our Taxi rear-ended a car right in front of was just a little fender bender, but it's funny how Satan thinks he can beat us with a little thing like that. When will he learn...
Church was really really special for me yesterday...again, very humbling. It has been amazing to see converts from this area receiving callings, reading and marking up their scriptures, teaching classes, and everything else. It makes me feel really good about the work the Lord has allowed us to do in this area...the Ward is growing like crazy. The Primary President asked us to do "Sharing Time" yesterday, and my companion and I acted like witnesses to some of the Miracles Christ did while here on earth, with emphasis on His power over death. It was just awesome...I felt really good seeing the little children of convert families playing and getting along with the other children of the Primary.
Family, friends--the Church is perfect.
Elder Budge

Monday, August 9, 2010

No Clever Subject This Week

Heeeelllloooooo Family!

How the heaven are you?! I'm feeling a little exhausted after our little trip to the PYRAMIDS this morning. It's very good to hear from all of you (and when I say "all of you"...I mean Mom and Miranda). Haha. Bueno, from the way things sounds, seems like everyone's alive and well. Always good news to receive. Miranda and Josh, sounds like you two had a BLAST at youth conference, man those things are cool. I loved Youth Conferences. And thanks for the photos, it's weird seeing Josh with a goatee. You'll have to shave that off when you take your photos for your mission papers! Yes!

So what's all this funny business about Skyler Paxman getting married? Does anyone want to share the details? Just a heads up, if you're planning on letting me in on the gossip, you'll have to share ALL the details so I can get the full effect. I don't know if Skyler reads these emails, but if he does, CONGRATULATIONS! I hear having a ball and chain is good fun.

Mom, thanks again for the email. You're my most consistent writer. Sounds like you and pappy had a good time at Dad's show down in Delta, and Dad, I'm jealous that you got to play in Park City. What a blast. And I hear you are losing a lot of weight! I'll need some photos to make sure I'm not getting bamboozled. For all I know, Dad's lost all his hair and mom is getting shorter! In other words, I'll need some pictures. Mom, have fun in Texas, eat LOTS! Mommy Martha makes some delicious food. Me saludas a mami martha and daddy vicente.

Anywho, this week was really productive for Elder Montoya and I. We're continuing to teach Sonya and Carlos with their two kids, and we got permission to baptize her kids while we wait out their divorce...looks like it could take 4 to 6 I'll be long gone by then. But we'll see how things work out. Azucena got confirmed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this past Sunday, it was pretty sweet. Her daughter, Silvia and Silvia's husband Geraldo are progressing...little by little, but they're progressing. We'll see how things go this week, because I am afraid that if they don't begin to show more progress, we may have to drop them. I don't like doing that.

Funny story time: We were in Silvia's house teaching about baptism, when it started to RAIN really really really hard. We really had a hard time hearing each other, and then it started to THUNDER! We continued to talk when all the sudden we see this huge light right above her house and hear the thunder in the same instant! Short story shorter, it turns out that lightning struck her TV antenna and burned out her TV! It was cuh-crazy. But, her husband took advantage of the opportunity to buy a new plasma flat-screen TV. No complaints there.

Anyway, Elder Montoya and I are really enjoying the work. These past few weeks there has been a ton, so we're feeling really grateful. The Church is true, family. Don't ever forget it! Let's keep the commandments and we'll all be very happy, ok? Sounds like a plan! I'm sending some photos.

1. I hurt myself at our District class last week. I'll explain why in 10 months.
2. This is our district.
3. This also is our district.
4. This is me at the pyramids this morning! Cool!
5. Elder Montoya and I on top of the Sun Pyramid.

Love you all, be safe, have fun.
Elder Budge

PS. I ate a rabbit this week.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Could I have a better family?!

Good afternoon one and all, and welcome to Missionary Work in Mexico!
Just to answer some questions and make some comments about letters received in the "fan mail" this week...
I can't believe Janna will be home tomorrow! 18 months went by really's incredible. I won't complete a Sister Missionary's mission until November. And Janna, it was really good to hear from you. Thanks for your uplifting words. I'm sure you know how much that means to a missionary.
Mom, you'll have to forgive me, but I couldn't help but laughing when I imagined you getting stung by a wasp. I imagined lots of frantic jumping and you shouting "ooooh!" in a high-pitched voice. For what it's worth, I send my condolances. And I agree; in the future I think the course to take is to just avoid the situations in which you could find yourself with more wasps. Good call. That's fun that Miranda's staying in Melissa's room now, and I hope you know that I have promised refuge in that house to many a Mexican wanting to go to the US. Sorry about not asking permission. Haha. And that's fun that you saw Lex, I'll bet she's having a super-boring summer without me. Haha.
Mandy, good work with a list of books! I love reading and I can't wait to read that book about Moses that you mentioned. And I think Brady Crump was reading that same series that Eli is reading right now that begins in the Pre-existence. Reading helps you learn good. And to talk good too. You'll have a blast picking up Janna tomorrow, I love missionary home-comings; just don't be thinking about mine until May 2011 rolls around. Jeez!
Dad, I'm sure you're loving your calling as a Sunday School teacher. I love love teaching classes on Sunday, and I would absolutely love teaching the age group that you teach. It makes me not want to go to a Singles Ward when I get home haha. How boring :/ I hope the whole Budge honey thing works out! I've never thought about being a participant in the Honey business...up until now I've only been a consumer. We'll see how that pans out, and what the Lord has for me when I get home.
So my week was pretty normal, I guess. I just feel super satisfied with the work that we did. We're continuing to work with Eva and Enrique, Sonya and Carlos, Azucena, and a couple of others here and there. Azucena was baptized yesterday, and it was a really special baptismal service. One of the best. She came late (that's too normal here...) but we were able to get it all together. I attended the Zone Leader's baptismal service before ours (we use the same chapel), and Elder Delauhunty (ZL, going home on Friday) sang "Be Still My Soul" in english. It was awesome, even though I have a sore through and singing probably wasn't the best thing I could do to help that out. But yeah...anyway, Azucena showed up right on time, and like I said we had a killer baptismal service. We had some recent-converts bear their testimonies afterward, and everyone was all teary-eyed. One of my recent converts from this area, who just received the Melchizedek Priesthood, stood up and bore his testimony. It is a humbling thing to see a big, strong, tattooed black-belt cry as he testifies of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I am so blessed to be here right now.
This is something a little Random, but we went in a taxi to the Church last week, and the song "Big in Japan" came on the radio in the taxi...and I thought of the Japanese Elder Budge. Haha.
The situation with Sonya and Carlos is getting a little complicated. Carlos has to get divorced, but he and his ex-wife want the kids...that means lots of time in court and stuff like that. We're trying to see if we can baptize the kids first and baptize the parents later...but it doesn't look too promising. They didn't go to Church on Sunday because "her mom was coming to visit"...we're thinking about dropping them and hoping for the best. But we'll see how the cookie crumbles this week.
We're taking Eva and Enrique to a clinic to get their blood exams, and we're hoping by Friday we'll have them married so that Eva can get baptized on Sunday! Yippeee!!! Please please pray for this marriage to work out, we've been working like locos with them.
That's about it. Mom, I still haven't gotten the package...I'm worried about it too. Transfers are next week and it looks like we'll be getting pouch (letters and packages) on that day or the day after. Cross your fingers!
Love all of you, thanks for the letters!
Elder Budge
1. Baptism of Ricardo
2. Baptism of Nayeli
3. Baptism of Azucena
4. Us after playing soccer and volleyball this morning