Monday, August 9, 2010

No Clever Subject This Week

Heeeelllloooooo Family!

How the heaven are you?! I'm feeling a little exhausted after our little trip to the PYRAMIDS this morning. It's very good to hear from all of you (and when I say "all of you"...I mean Mom and Miranda). Haha. Bueno, from the way things sounds, seems like everyone's alive and well. Always good news to receive. Miranda and Josh, sounds like you two had a BLAST at youth conference, man those things are cool. I loved Youth Conferences. And thanks for the photos, it's weird seeing Josh with a goatee. You'll have to shave that off when you take your photos for your mission papers! Yes!

So what's all this funny business about Skyler Paxman getting married? Does anyone want to share the details? Just a heads up, if you're planning on letting me in on the gossip, you'll have to share ALL the details so I can get the full effect. I don't know if Skyler reads these emails, but if he does, CONGRATULATIONS! I hear having a ball and chain is good fun.

Mom, thanks again for the email. You're my most consistent writer. Sounds like you and pappy had a good time at Dad's show down in Delta, and Dad, I'm jealous that you got to play in Park City. What a blast. And I hear you are losing a lot of weight! I'll need some photos to make sure I'm not getting bamboozled. For all I know, Dad's lost all his hair and mom is getting shorter! In other words, I'll need some pictures. Mom, have fun in Texas, eat LOTS! Mommy Martha makes some delicious food. Me saludas a mami martha and daddy vicente.

Anywho, this week was really productive for Elder Montoya and I. We're continuing to teach Sonya and Carlos with their two kids, and we got permission to baptize her kids while we wait out their divorce...looks like it could take 4 to 6 I'll be long gone by then. But we'll see how things work out. Azucena got confirmed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this past Sunday, it was pretty sweet. Her daughter, Silvia and Silvia's husband Geraldo are progressing...little by little, but they're progressing. We'll see how things go this week, because I am afraid that if they don't begin to show more progress, we may have to drop them. I don't like doing that.

Funny story time: We were in Silvia's house teaching about baptism, when it started to RAIN really really really hard. We really had a hard time hearing each other, and then it started to THUNDER! We continued to talk when all the sudden we see this huge light right above her house and hear the thunder in the same instant! Short story shorter, it turns out that lightning struck her TV antenna and burned out her TV! It was cuh-crazy. But, her husband took advantage of the opportunity to buy a new plasma flat-screen TV. No complaints there.

Anyway, Elder Montoya and I are really enjoying the work. These past few weeks there has been a ton, so we're feeling really grateful. The Church is true, family. Don't ever forget it! Let's keep the commandments and we'll all be very happy, ok? Sounds like a plan! I'm sending some photos.

1. I hurt myself at our District class last week. I'll explain why in 10 months.
2. This is our district.
3. This also is our district.
4. This is me at the pyramids this morning! Cool!
5. Elder Montoya and I on top of the Sun Pyramid.

Love you all, be safe, have fun.
Elder Budge

PS. I ate a rabbit this week.

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