Monday, August 16, 2010

In a time of Spiritual War...

We are united.
Hello family!
Once again, thanks for all the letters and updates and everything else! Seems like summer is ending well, and I don't think I'll be receiving news with the same enthusiasm once everyone is in SCHOOL again! But I'm glad everyone is ending their summer with a bang. Man Mandy, I'm super jealous about your VIP ticket thingy with Jack Johnson. I hope you took some photos! And Miranda, sounds like you're going boating a ton! And have fun tomorrow with yet another boating activity. Be safe.
Grandma, thanks for the update! I'm not so sure they were trying to get rid of you by giving you a bike for your birthday haha. Oh the things I would do in order to have a bike here in Mexico...we're not allowed to have bikes because they get stolen really quickly. Haha I love Mexico. Thanks for writing!
Welp, this week went pretty well for Elder Montoya and I. I feel very humbled by the success we've been able to have...and that's one of the most important lessons I have learned: choosing to humble after experiencing GOOD weeks instead of being forced to be humble by bad ones...needless to say, I am very very content with the way the Lord has been able to bless us and help us out these past few weeks.
Working during the week was pretty normal, we found a few people who said they were interested but didn't go to Church, a less-active family with two kids that need to be baptized who also didn't go to Church, but the rest of our investigators were able to attend Church without a problem. Sonya and Carlos have kind of hit a barrier for the immediate future; but we were able to baptize two of their children, Jesus and Mayra, along with Eva and her daughter Kelly. It was a really special baptismal service, because we've hit so many speed bumps on the way to the baptismal font...I feel very grateful that the Lord allowed everything to work out. Haha on our way to the Chapel for the baptism, our Taxi rear-ended a car right in front of was just a little fender bender, but it's funny how Satan thinks he can beat us with a little thing like that. When will he learn...
Church was really really special for me yesterday...again, very humbling. It has been amazing to see converts from this area receiving callings, reading and marking up their scriptures, teaching classes, and everything else. It makes me feel really good about the work the Lord has allowed us to do in this area...the Ward is growing like crazy. The Primary President asked us to do "Sharing Time" yesterday, and my companion and I acted like witnesses to some of the Miracles Christ did while here on earth, with emphasis on His power over death. It was just awesome...I felt really good seeing the little children of convert families playing and getting along with the other children of the Primary.
Family, friends--the Church is perfect.
Elder Budge

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