Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello family!!
Man lots of exciting news this week! That's so awesome that Cory, Jordan, Brady, and Jace went to the house for a surprise visit! I love those guys! Haha and I'm glad that everyone was enjoying Brady's awesome one-liners...what a stud. Dang you all look so good. Especially Dad, all skinny! haha. Thanks for the photos and everything else. I have such a cool family.
So this week was extremely abnormal for us in Los Heroes, Tecamac. The District and Zone Leaders had a 4-day training out in Pachuca, Hidalgo, so our week was spent mixed up with other Elders from our Zone. Tuesday and Wednesday I was in a trio with my kid, Elder Montoya, and another new missionary, Elder Castro. It was way weird being in a trio. Contacting in the street was really awkward...and the lessons were weird. But I guess there's a first time for everything. After that, on Thursday and Friday I was with a new Elder in my area named Elder Patterson. Man it was weird to be with an american! I have never had an american companion before. And now I think I know why...we did not speak Spanish all day. But it was a good chance to practice speaking English...I was all mixed up. Turns out he's good buddies with the drummer from the Killers (they're both from Las Vegas and they've know eachother since Elder Patterson was born) and his brother-in-law is the bassist for a group from Utah called Neon Trees. I guess that band is getting pretty big from what he tells me. He kinda trunked me out with all that talk about music. But now things are back to normal! Well, as normal as things get in the mission.
We had some awesome baptisms this past Sunday. We baptized an elderly lady named RosamarĂ­a who has been a Jehovah's Witness for the past 25 years or so. She's so so awesome. She had a hard time recognizing the answers that God was giving her; I think in every lesson we had to explain how the Holy Ghost is manifested to us and how to recognize His presence. But, after some really cool dreams that she had, she decided to be baptized. Everything went awesome in her interview and she was baptized on Sunday.
We also baptized a couple of kids, Kevin and Brian, from a less-active family. It was way cool because last week their mom kept saying "it's too soon, it's too soon" and all that jazz. But after attending Church and the ward activity last week, she told us that she wanted her kids to be baptized THAT SUNDAY. She had really felt the Spirit and was able to recognize the necessity that her children had to follow the Savior's example. Their dad went on a business trip on Friday and showed up in the knick of time for their baptism on Sunday. I love the way the Lord makes things work out, and especially when it's at the very last second. He is truly directing this work!
Church was excellent this Sunday; some recent converts gave some BOMB talks about preparation and perserverance. It was one of the best Sacrament meetings I've been to here in Mexico so far. Can't complain there. That's all the news I have. Be smart, be safe, go to the TEMPLE!
Elder Budge

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