Monday, August 23, 2010

No one has been called to fail.

Hey family!!!
Man you guys did pretty well today with writing me! Thanks for all the updates and kind words and everything else! It really is a thrill to hear about what everyone is doing. Sorry if there are any typing errors in this email...this keyboard is a real piece of junk. Plus english grammar is not really one of my fortes anymore...bummer.
'Panda, sounds like St George was a blast! I really can't believe how fast you are look like a grown up. And Dad looks SO GOOOD!! I still haven't heard from that man in a few weeks...what's the deal? Mom, I'm glad you had fun in Texas and that you could see some old friends...will you do me a huge favor and when you send me the Genealogy from your Dad's side, make sure to use BOTH last names (the maternal and paternal) it makes making connections easier. Jason, make sure to study hard at Dixie and don't go to too many parties...everyone says Dixie is a party school. Plus you're married so fun is kind of a thing of the past now. Just kidding. But seriously. JOSH! I can't wait to hear that you've turned in your papers...and especially to hear about your call to the MEXICO CITY EAST MISSION! It's unprobable...but I'm allowed to dream, right? Japanese Elder Budge...I feel your pain about embarassing Sacrament meetings....yikes. But, as you know, the elect always feel the spirit anyways. Keep the chin up and talk to everyone! The President just came out with a new rule about knocking doors about a month ago. Knocking doors is not mentioned in Chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel, so as of a month ago, knocking doors is against the rules. Cool, Huh? haha.
This week was a week of miracles. Lots of cool stuff. I'm kind of short on time so I'll keep it brief (the Secretaries sent us a lot of stuff this week...). Silvia and Gerardo were BAPTIZED on Sunday afternoon, after a series of problems with the water not working in our Chapel and things like that. BUT, a simple water problem does not stop the will of the we went to the Stake Center and baptized them there! Thwarted yet again, Satan! It was frustrating but really cool at the same time, when we got to the baptismal room there was some writing on the Chalkboard that said: "Welcome! Miracles come to those who have faith". So true. Back in the day Silvia didn't want anything to do with the Church, and actually wouldn't even let us in to teach her mom (we had to teach in a park). But now her and her husband have received the remission of their sins and are very much embracing the Gospel. I love miracles. David, what happened to you with that one guys totally counts as a miracle. Heck, I've done it!
Anyway, that's pretty much all the news I have. I'll be in a trio this week because of the 4 day leadership training, and I will have my DL's cell phone while he's out! BALLIN!! No, i do not normally have a cell phone...but the Gospel is still true! Remember that always.
Elder Budge
PS- Photos of our 4 baptisms last week (Jesus, Mayra, Kelly, Eva) and from the baptism of Silvia and Gerardo this week. Plus the awesome chalkboard.

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