Monday, November 16, 2009

B! Y! U!...Pumas?

Hello familia!

This week has been a pretty interesting week, to say the least. Elder Cab and I have been having a tough time building the Kingdom of God on the earth. But sometimes, we just need to plow through days like these with all of the energy of our hearts, and if we endure it well, God will bless us beyond our imagination! (see D&C 121:7-9).

We did have one pretty exceptionally awesome experience this week. These past few weeks, we have been teaching a lady named Sandra, who is the Ward Missionary Leader´s daughter. She is a really closed, private person, and we have a hard time figuring out exactly what she needs to hear. But this week, Elder Cab and I decided to have the Charla Franca (the frank discussion) with her, and tell her that we would no longer be able to visit with her if she couldn´t complete with her commitments. Elder Cab talked about how really, there are only two Churches in this world: The Church of Jesus Christ and the Church of Satan. I then explained to her why we work so hard toward baptism, because we know of its importance, especially when the Lord told us in Doctrine and Covenants that with greater knowledge comes greater condemnation. As I was speaking, she started to cry and cry, and after I finished, I asked her to share what she was feeling. After a few very long minutes of silence, she explained to us that earlier that morning, she had had a dream in which she saw Jesus Christ. She saw a big drop of blood fall from His body, and then saw two churches: The Church of Jesus Christ and the Church of Satan. We then spoke of baptism a little more—she´s going to be baptized this week. I cannot tell you how incredible and unbelievable that lesson was. Truly, this is the Lord´s Church. His only one. 

I love you all, and hope you are praying and reading every day. Remember, those who have scriptures that are falling apart, usually have lives that aren´t. I know that that is true. There is Prophet of God Himself living on this earth—a man that receives revelation to guide the Living Church of Christ! How great are our blessings from our loving Heavenly Father.

I´ve attached some pictures—some cool graffiti, my new Pumas (cougars) jersey, and some others. Zion is growing!

Love, Elder Budge

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