Monday, October 26, 2009

It's the end of October and we're already listening to Christmas songs!

Family, Friends, and my other spiritual brothers and sisters:

It´s me, Elder Budge. This week has gone by fast, I can´t believe it. Tomorrow I´ll have 5 months in the mission. El tiempo pasa volando! As I said last week, I had Changes last tuesday and I received my new Companion, Elder Cab! 

So a little about Elder Cab: He´s 20 years old and has 17 months here in the mish. Needless to say, I´ve been learning a lot from him and his plethora of experiences. He´s from Merida, Yucatan. He loves to try to speak english, and I laugh so so hard at night when he tries to tell me something in english. We have been having just a really good time together, we get along really really well. He´s always happy and laughing, which makes the harder times a little easier to get through. I´m sure we´ll have even more success as time comes and goes!

So this week was a pretty normal week, like the last. Sofia wasn´t able to baptized yesterday because she couldn´t get work off--we had kind of a frank discussion and I challenged her to stop working on Sundays entirely--so we´ll meet with her tonight to see what´s up. I explained to her that feelings of apprehension to do what´s right can only come from one source--yep, that old serpent Satan. The Lord ALWAYS provides us a way to accomplish what is necessary in our lives, but that doesn´t mean that the way He´ll provide will be easy. We just have to trust Him--He is perfect, after all.

Jessica, the girlfriend of a member here, was baptized yesterday, which was really really sweet. Miguel (the member) was able to baptize her, which made the baptism extra special. She´ll be confirmed next week!

I hope every one is doing unbelievably well. Love love love you.

Elder Budge

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