Monday, October 5, 2009

Holy incredible conference, Batman!

Hello once again my family and other loved ones!

This week has been just incredible. I´m continuing to learn and grow every day; the Lord has blessed me in many ways.

Elder Pastrana and I had another successful week--Claudia was able to be baptized yesterday between the morning and afternoon sessions of General Conference. It was awesome, even though the water was really cold and I messed up the Baptismal Prayer for the first time! But I nailed it the second time, and all went well. I´m grateful that I´m able to feel a small fraction of the joy that our Heavenly Father feels when one soul is brought unto him. Next week, if Claudia´s dad doesn´t work on Sunday, he´ll be baptized as well--which means a family completed and working towards going to the Temple. We had a really sweet lesson about temples and eternal families last night. What a blessing. It reminded me of when I entered the temple with my family. I can´t imagine Heaven without my family.

I was able to learn a lot this past week--I had Exchanges with our American District Leader, Elder Winters, and we had a blast. It´s no wonder he´s one of our leaders; he´s a great example. We knocked the entire day, and yet another drunkard in the street tried to talk me (my companion says i´m a drunkard magnet). It was a really good experience. I´m grateful for my leaders here.

Ok, so Conference was just amazing. Yes Mom, I was able to watch it--all 5 sessions. It was incredible. I especially liked the Saturday sessions; everyone seemed to talk, one way or another, about the nature of our Heavenly Father. We truly have a Father in Heaven that loves us more than we can understand, and we have the commandments He has given us because He knows it´s the best way for us to progress. Elder Oaks explained the difference that exists between mercy and justice, as it pertains to the love of God. He said something to this effect: "If one thinks that having God´s love is like having a license to disobey, that person neither understands love nor obedience". And it is absolutely true--He asks us to obey because He loves us. Mercy cannot rob justice--He knows that only through obedience can we become perfect like Him. In Elder Jorge F. Zeballo´s talk, he explained that the Lord does not expect of us that which we cannot achieve--and He commands us to be perfect. He does not require more than our best; neither does he accept any less--for both would be unjust. Elder Uchtdorf explained that He has promised us all that He has; and if that isn´t enough of a reason to love Him, we must love Him because He loved us first.

I am truly and eternally grateful for my Heaveny and Earthly parents, who show me the greatest love I could ever receive. Thank you.

Love, Elder Budgefference that exists between mercy and justice, as it pertains to the love of God. He said something to this effect

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