Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week...4? I Think...

Querido Familia!

Como estan? ...Good to hear! As always...this week has been intense! I always look forward to Mondays when I can share my experiences of the week. Buckle up because it's SWEET!

So earlier this week our teacher Brother Harrington shared with us his experience at the MTC. He was kind of a trouble maker, kind of like a few of us are in the District...and he just told us about what changed him and stuff. I'll spare you the details, but the main point is that he came out of the MTC being able to say literally whatever he wanted in Spanish. He's such a good example, all of us in the District can related to him really well. Plus he's way tight, we all think he wears Tall T's and gangsta clothes outside the MTC haha. I'm grateful for him.

Elder Walk and I had a SWEET experience at our Teaching Appointment this week. We taught our investigator the Plan of Salvation, and invited him to be Baptized. He turned us down, but wanted to learn more. That was the first time I had ever experience sincere devastation. I couldn't imagine turning away from such a wonderful opportunity, it was right there for him. (Of course...he's already a member and a teacher at the MTC...but still.) Even knowing that, Elder Walk and I both expressed honest disappointment, we were both broken hearted. But it was an excellent learning experience for when we're in the field--no matter how well we teach and how much the Spirit testifies to hearts of investigators, the Lord always allows them their agency, or ability to choose, between YES and NO. It was muy bien.

Brother Harrington headed off to Wyoming or something this weekend so we've had a couple of substitutes and they were RAD. We had Brother Silva, from Brazil, and he was incredibly smart. We had like an hour long discussion on our Existence before we came to Earth, and it was just incredibly stimulating. I love the deep doctrine of this Church, and I love the simplicity of its teachings. Its ability to be simple truly is a huge testament of the Power that it contains. We also had Brother Schulpa, who was a professional soccer player in Ecuador. He's super legit, he had a lot of good stuff to teach us as well. He taught us how to teach others to pray in Spanish (all of our prayers, personal and companion, are in Spanish). It was sweet, to say the least. Good times.

Elder Walk and I spent Saturday night in the Refferal Center, calling investigators who order different things (like the Book of Mormon, the Bible, Finding Faith in Christ, etc.) from Mormon.org, and we had such a good time. He's so funny when we do that, because between every call he's like, "YOU HAD SALVATION RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! COME ON!" it's just so hilarious. And so true. He called this 17 year old girl in Washington that ordered the "Finding Happiness" DVD (the call lists are random) and her friend answered the phone. Her friend said she wasn't interested in religious things, but wasn't sure if she had received it. Elder Walk said "Well...if she did receive it, maybe you two could watch it together...ya know, make a night of it." The girl on the other end just laughed and hung up. Maybe you just had to be there...because it was funny. Anyway.

The MTC is amazing, and I'm so excited to go out to the field. I love all of you, and I hope you're doing well (there is a way to let me know if you're doing well...ya know, letters). Haha Elder David Budge makes fun of me for mentioning DearElder.com so much, but it truly is the best!

Remember that God and His Son love you!

Les amo con todo mi corazon.

Elder Budge

PS-Miranda, I sent you an E-mail. It's important, so read it! Por favor!

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