Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My First Week! No Letters!

Hola familia!

This week has brought a lot of changes. I'm adjusting to the sleep schedule pretty well, mainly because I work myself to exhaustion everyday, and I'm always dead tired when I get to my 'hotel' and get to bed. First, my companion is RAD. His name is Elder Will Walk, he's from Farmington. He knows a lot of my friends that live up there, which is SWEET. Dad, you would love him, he constantly makes references to Seinfeld, it's his favorite show. We get a kick out of the reverse-peepholes that we have in our classroom. Ha and we're big fans of saying "LA PUERTA ES ABIERTA!". Classic. Anyway, I have the best maestros in the world, it's ridiculous. Hermana Scaife is one of them, and she's one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She constantly has the Spirit with her, and the way she teaches is awesome. She hates speaking English, so i'm definitely feeling the immersion. She is tight, to say the least. My other teacher is Hermano Harrington, he served in Sacramento Spanish-speaking, and his experiences there are so awesome. He translates for us, so a lot of the Elders tend to lean towards his classes a bit more. Ha. But Hermana Scaife is easily the best teacher I've ever had for anything. As you may or may not have heard, I'm District Leader, so that's pretty crazy. I'm a little busy. Wanna hear something embarassing? k. So as DL I go and pick up the mail twice a day...and I haven't received a single letter. Or anything else. Which is great. I have no idea why, but for some reason there's never any mail for Elder Budge. You have my address right? Mom and Dad, you should have received a letter from me last week, with my return address. I'm being as patient as I can. Mom, remember I need my contacts ASAP, my old ones are driving me crazy. Miranda and Josh, I'm sending you letters this week; and Panda, I have a special job for you to do, I'll explain in the letter. But yeah, things are great here, the CCM is such an amazing place, my companion and I get along perfectly. We are so blessed to be able to feel the Spirit as much as we do. Herman Scaife shared something awesome with us last week. She shared Ether 4:6 with us, and related the Stones to the burdens we have everyday. I advise you to read that verse over and over again, I have a page of profound principles from the one verse, which is absolutely incredible. I am Blessed. But I could still use some letters :)I love all of you, have an excellent week, and I'll try to have more details in my e-mail next week. Don't forget to send letters! I can receive them and read them everyday of the week, so don't be shy. www.DearElder.com is pretty awesome too, and easy. So there ya go. Again, I love you all. Thanks for everything.

-Elder Budge

Elder Jacob Aaron Budge
MTC Mailbox #259
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

PS- Alexa, send me a letter so I have your home address, I have something awesome to send you. and Mom, forward this e-mail to all of our family, including Melissa and Mandy, and these email addresses:

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