Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 2!

Hello family!

I have no idea where to start. This week has been absolutely insane. First, Mom that's sweet that you and Mommy Martha got to go to the temple a few times this week. Provo Temple is way pretty, I've been twice since I've been here. I go to the 7am session every Monday, and as you can guess, my P-Day is Monday. So make sure you're checking your e-mail on Mondays around 11 or 12. That's usually when I do laundry and e-mail and stuff. Also, remember to forward THIS email to Melissa, Mandy, Josh, Panda, Grandma & Grandpa, all our cousins and aunts and Alexa ( And remember I can get DearElders and regular mail EVERYDAY, so don't hesitate to write me whenever you feel like it :)

Ok, Panda, I'm sending you a different SD card, one I know that works. Be timely in your response, por favor! I love that you have a DearElder account now, that's so sweeeet! I want to hear from you often, because you're my favorite little sister! Truly! Es verdadero!

Mandy--so was that thing on my postcard un television o un hombre? Los dos? Anyway, I'm glad it got to me, I'm sure it had hard time getting here from 1987 ;) That's sweet that you and Eli are moved back to Utah, where you belong. I've been praying for your job hunt, let me know how it goes. works the day of. Ha.

Josh! I need to hear from you! I wrote you a letter last week, so I hope you got it. It's pretty sweet, if I do say so myself. And i do. I wanna know what you're doing with your life with football, I don't know when training and stuff starts but an update every now and then would be awesome.

Melissa! Thanks for the DearElder, I plan on writing you a letter today during the rest of my P Day (Monday), so expect one within the next couple of days. It definitely put a big smile on my face. Tell Jason he's great, because he is. Also he is very good looking. Haha.

Ok, so this week, like I said, has been crazy. Lots of ups and downs. It's getting easier and easier to recognize when I do and don't have a companionship of the Holy Ghost, and I constantly strive for the former. Things just have been a little difficult. Mi compañero Elder Walk has been sick, and earlier in the week we had a hard time getting him real attention. We went to the MTC clinic on Thursday, but because he didn´t have the flu they just sent him on his way. It really is no bueno. Pray for him. But while I was waiting outside of the clinic for him, I talked to a couple of missionaries. One was a Chilean Elder who was learning English, and it was cool because he was speaking English to me and I was speaking Spanish to him (mas o menos). It was awesome. We bore our testimonies to each other and it was really sweet. Then I met a Sister Evans, who is the daughter of the new Stake President in Tokyo (The stake that Todd was President of) and she said she had met Janna while she (Sister Evans) was living in Tokyo. She bore her testimony is Japanese and I bore mine in Spanish. Also very cool. So anyway, Elder Walk and I went to the BYU Student Health Center on Saturday, got him some prescriptions and went to Rite Aid in Provo to pick them up. It was weird being outside of the MTC around normal people. Missionaries are far from normal, that is for sure. Anywho, the Spanish is coming along awesomely, actually my Maestra has me teaching our new District that came in last wednesday. I´m going to be teaching Grammar and things like that, and I´ll be working in the Tutoring Center helping struggling Elders. It´s pretty awesome. I can say a lot, and I understand almost everything when we have Teaching Appointments with Spanish Speaking investigators. El don de Lenguas es verdado, y el Espíritu ayudame mucho. El Señor me da bendiciones todos los dias. It´s great. Mom, I understood what you wrote in your email before you translated, just by the by :). Also, I would encourage ALL of you to write emails, because I can receive and reply to emails from immediate family members, but remember that I can only read and write emails on Mondays for a half hour, and I can receive letters and DearElder letters everyday. I also can only write letters on Mondays, but I love getting mail during the week. Will you commit to writing me sincere letters often? Gracias. A lot of the time I need the happiness. I don't think I'm forgetting anything, I love the work, y yo amo la Iglesia. Jesucristo y Dios viven, y Jesucristo murió para todo el mundo. Dios restauró su Evangelio y su Sacerdocio a través José Smith. Dios nos ama. Somos sus hijos, y Él es nuestro Padre Celestial. Te amo mucho, mi familia.My

Mailbox : #259 My Departure Date: 7/27

Love, Elder Budge

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