Monday, June 15, 2009

Creators, not Creatures

Hello family! and friends!

What's up! Good to hear from so many of you, it has been so great. I love hearing from all of you. A few quick things: Tia Dina, I can't reply to your e-mail because I am only allowed to send e-mails to brothers, sisters, and parents. But know that I loved what you wrote, it means worlds to me. Send me a letter with your return address and I'll definitely write you back. Eric Nielsen! I cannot e-mail you back but just know that I love you and all your Portreguese-ness. I still can't understand it. Send me una carta and i'll send one right back atcha. Mom, it's great to get those e-mails forwarded from Derek and Jordan, but I'm not allowed to read them technically, and I must obey with exactness. Just for future reference. Things might be different in the field, just FYI. Thank you, Mom, for forwarding these e-mails to all of our family and my friends. I love you.

Ok, this week. SO AWESOME. For real. So in our Monday night class, our amazing Maestra Hermana Scaife taught us some awesome principles (as she always does). We were discussing responsibility and accountability, and how sometimes we let the actions of others become our excuses for failing to fulfill our responsibilities. She mentioned a principle taught by one of the quorum of the 12. He said to be "A Creator of circumstance rather than a creature of circumstance." How sweet! We cannot let the actions of others affect our responsibilities as saints and as missionaries. We must be in control of those that we have stewardship over and allow ourselves to complete the things the Lord would have us do, regardless of what others do or say. Awesome. So on tuesday, my buddy came to give a devotional at the MTC. You may know him, his name is Elder David A. Bednar. Yeah. That one. He gave an incredible talk about how to recognize whether or not the things we are directed to do come from the Holy Ghost or from our own thoughts. His answer to that question is as powerful as it is simple. Don't worry about it! Get over it and get to work. As long as we're following the commandments and being good boys and girls, we just act and the Holy Ghost will guide us. The way the Lord learns to trust us is by acting by faith, and as we are worthy of that Companionship, our thoughts and actions will be aligned with what the Savior wants, regardless of whether we recognize it as such or not. How powerful, right?! I know it was an answer to my prayers, as I have been struggling to know whether the promptings I receive during our Teaching Appointments with investigators are my own thoughts or the Holy Ghost. I'm learning to tell my brain to quit thinking so much about it and just open my mouth. He tells an awesome story that I don't have time to tell, but just know that it was hilarious, and awesome, and Spiritual. I'll tell you about it sometime.

It was awesome because I sat next to Elder Conrad Southworth during that devotional last tuesday. It was sweet. I was lucky to find him because security was pretty beefy. It'll get even more intense next weekend when the 12 Apostles and the 1st Presidency are here for New Mission President Conference!!! Oh yeah!!

I also got to see Sister Kenzi Allen this past Wednesday as she entered the MTC. It was awesome, she'll be a killer missionary, and I saw her last night at the MTC Fireside. It's awesome to have so many friends engaged in the same great work.

I love you all. Keep up the good work. Send letters! Food! DearElders! They're always welcome.

Elder Budge

MTC Mailbox 259, departure date 0727

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