Monday, May 31, 2010

Paul McCartney in Mexico?

I guess Paul McCartney just did a crazy big concert here in Mexico, according to the news that's on right now in the internet cafe. Sounds like it was a pretty big deal! Anyway...
Thanks for the collective update Mel...sounds like everyone's keeping themselves busy. Panda, you should totally go to Baltimore to visit Melissa! I did the same thing when Melissa was in San Bern and it was way fun. Plus the East is so sweet. I love it. Haha that's sweet that Mandy won some tickets to an ice skating show on the radio. I've always wanted to win stuff on the radio...I got denied one time because I wasn't 18. Oh well. Mandy, Melissa tells me that you need some advice for some classes on Sunday about sustaining missionaries through letters or something like that? Ha and when was the last time you wrote me a letter....?! Well I guess one of the things I can tell you is that letters can be really helpful or be a huge distraction. Avoid things like "Did you hear that your ex-girlfriend got married...?" What interests me is to hear about the blessing you all are receiving while I'm away, like success at work, sealings in the temple (but not of ex-girlfriends...), things you've read in the scriptures. I think the thing I like most to hear is that you're staying close to the Church and changing and improving your efforts in scripture reading and prayers and things like that. And for your class on testimony...the thing that your class really needs to understand is that a testimony is found in the bearing of it. It's good to note that the commandment is "open your mouth and it shall be filled", and not the other way around. And it's important to remember that testimonies are simple, precise declaracions of what you know to be true. "I know that God lives.", "Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer". "God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet." We get a little hesitant, as missionaries, about bringing investigators to Fast and Testimony meeting sometimes...because you never know what the members are going to say. "Last week, when I was headed to the grocery store..." usually isn't a good start to a declaration of eternal truth.
Sounds like Dad had a pretty good time with Shane and his little Jam Session last weekend. Melissa, you should ask the sister missionaries what mission they're from, and you should definitely invite them to eat with you more often. We always appreciate it :). And also...for the package. I could use some more socks...all of mine have holes, and I have to change them once during the day. bummer. Gold toes are always good. Also some CDs of some cool hymn arrangements or favorite LDS singer is Mindy Glendhill. Use that knowledge as you wish.
So my week was pretty sweet. Elder Tadeo and I are having some pretty good success! It's so awesome working with a veteran. Elder Tadeo is such a crazy good teacher...I think that's one of the main things I'm learning from him. So our main focus of this past week was Raymundo...getting him living in his sister's house, getting him interviewed, and getting him baptized! We did all three...of course, with the help of the Lord. We've been telling him since last week that he needed to live with his sister (not with his girlfriend) while he works on his divorce and his marriage. We reminded him on Tuesday and told him we couldn't have his baptism until he moved in with his sister, and he said "Hey! You never told me that! I thought you just wanted me to live there so I don't live with my girlfriend. If you told me I could get baptized as soon as I moved out, I would have done it a week ago!" We told him that we DID tell him that, and he admitted that he just didn't remember. Haha. But anyway, we got him moved out, got him interviewed, and we baptized him yesterday. It was awesome. I have the picture, but I left my memory card at home. Sorry! Next week.
Anyway, that's all the news I've got. We're working with some new investigators we found last week and planning on bring them to the Visitor's Center on Sunday! I'll let you know how it goes....NEXT TIME! Same time, same station.
Elder Budge

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