Monday, May 24, 2010

Love one another as Jesus loves you.

I've had that song stuck in my head for a very long time. It's definitely a good one.
Hello familia! Como estais? Todo bien?
There's a little bit of Spanglish for you. I can't believe it's still snowing in Utah...that's incredible. You should send some of that snowy goodness over here in Mexico because it is HOT! But at least it's not humid...that's the good thing. It's my last summer here in Mexico so I've got to work on the tan and soak up the Mexican sun while I can. I will have the sweetest farmer tan ever.
It's good to hear that all is going well with Ice, Dad. Dang I want to go to England. And it's good that all that Justin Beaune garbage is out of the way. What a dork. I was thinking a lot this week about all the blessings that have been received since I started my missionary service, and I remember something that Eli wrote me at the beginning of the mission. He told me that as a missionary, whatever good thing I ask of the Lord in benefit for someone else will happen. I've seen that so much as I've been here. Everytime I get rejected, our investigators fall through, or people yell swear words at us in the street, I just remember: more blessings for my family.
I forgot to mention last week that Elder Soza got transferred on Tuesday. Our time together was short but sweet, and now I have a new companion, Elder Tadeo. He's sweeet, and has a lot of experience in the mission. He only has one more month left to go, so President Bulloch told me that I need to keep him "alive" so that he can end his mission well. We've had a lot of fun working together; we were already buddies before (that's fun...having a companion you already know). The only thing is that I know we only have this short month together, then he's DEAD, and I'll have another companion. We're definitely taking advantage of the short time we have together. We'll just baptize the world.
Everything went SO WELL this week! That is...up until Sunday. Geez. We found a lot of really really cool people to come to Church with us on Sunday...and none of them came. It was really frustrating for both of us, because really the people we had found were so awesome. But, ni modo, we have to find even more even cooler people this week. I'm still not sure how but we'll be changing up the strategy and getting the members more involved in finding people with us.
Yesterday, we finally baptized Diana (the 9 year old), and it was really sweet. One of the Zone Leaders, Elder Delahunty, and I sang a hymn together at the baptismal service, and it worked out really well. I really love love baptizing. We're still working on getting Raymundo a place to stay so he can get batized this Sunday, so that's going to be our main challenge this week. Other than that there's really anything else to report. We went to play soccer this morning and it was pretty sweet...until another missionary kicked the ball over the fence of the chapel and the people on the other side stole it and said that it wasn't there. Needless to say, we had to stop playing sooner than planned.
I hope everyone is doing well; good and healthy and all that. Feel free to email me...let me know how things are going.

Elder Budge

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