Monday, May 3, 2010

JIF Peanut Butter in Mexico?!

Just when you thought it was impossible, it turns out you can buy JIF Peanut
Butter here in good ol' Mexico!

It's funny the way things work out. Bishop Flinders, thank you for your
email, it helps to know my family is in good hands at home! I truly am
grateful for faithful Priesthood Leaders who have cared for my family as
I've been away--especially because you helped my big sister enter into the
temple. I still can't believe I now have two endowed, sealed-for-eternity
sisters. What a great example to me.

The Lord has truly blessed elder Soza and I this past week as we have worked
in the Field sowing in the Promised Land! It's truly amazing the way the
Lord has opened the windows of Heaven and poured out a ton of blessing upon
this great people! We had a pretty sweeeeet district class with Elder Walk
this past week where he taught us to "leave our sickle at home and climb up
onto the TRACTOR!" We talked about the power and authority of our calling,
and he asked us, "Why would you use a sickle to sow in a field when the Lord
is handing you a gigantic tractor instead?!" The fruits of the labor have
not been few.

We had another hectic week figuring out the whole moving situation, signing
contracts, fighting with landlords, and everything else. But Elder Soza and
I definitely worked our buns off knocking and contacting and finding people
to teach. But it's always funny to me that I always forget something very
important--something I've had to learn at least a dozen times--THE LORD
BLESSES US IN HIS WAY AND IN HIS TIME! We didn't find a single person
knocking doors or contacting, the Lord just brought an awesome family to
church for us on Sunday! They stayed the whole three hours and loved it. So
we have a lesson with them tomorrow and we'll be programming them for
baptism. The blessings come in just the most unexpected ways. I had a good
chit-chat with elder Walk and he said "A lot of the times the Lord just has
to say 'these guys don't know how to find people...I'll just had them a
family to teach!" And it's so true. All we're doing is working really hard
and the Lord blesses us. Y ya se acabó.

So that was our fun week. I'll spare you the details but moving was a
nightmare, but we're all moved in and it's all good in the neighborhood.
Except we have some weird a guy that keeps a horse in his
house. Weird. And I'm not in a rural part of Mexico or anything...he just
keeps a horse in his house. Don't ask me why. Also our neighbors warned us
about a guy who usually answers his door we'll be doing our best
to avoid any awkward situations. haha.

I love you all, and fam, I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday. Sweet!

Elder Budge

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