Monday, June 7, 2010

I want to belong to your Church!

Hello family!
If you´re wondering about the subject of this email...let me fill you in. On our way to the internet café a guy named Ricardo came up to us, threw his cigarette on to the ground and told us ¨Hey, I want to belong to your Church! When can we meet together?¨ Ha it was awesome. He told us he´s already been reading the Book of Mormon and wants to be a member of the Church, but that we have to have our visits ¨in secret¨ because his daughters don´t want him to be a Mormon. Haha so we have an appointment on Wednesday at a park by his house.
Mandy, thanks for the update! Sounds like everything´s going pretty well. Before I forget, Mom and Dad, has an RM named Jared Hunter given you a package yet? He´s from our stake and he just went home at the end of april and I sent a bunch of stuff with him to take to you guys. Just wondering. Anywho, back to Mandy, you and I are definitely going to do a TON of genealogy work together, I´m really just craving to do it. It will be sweet to get all the Temple work started for Mom´s side of the family. And what the guy said from your ward is need to head out to MEXICO! Where the Coca-Cola´s cold and the salsa is spicy. Love Mexico. But we don´t drink Coke...don´t worry. And what´s this about Caitlyn Renshaw getting married?! That´s crazy! And awesome. It´s funny how I always think that everything back home is in ¨pause¨ mode while I´m out here serving. Nuts. And I´m sure John´s wedding is going to be bomb. Ah you´re all growing up so fast...
So anyway, Elder Tadeo and I had a pretty awesome-rough week. Just working like ¨bueyes¨ (oxen..) and qualifying for the Miracles. We found an AWESOME family last week, they were all down with coming to Church with us and everything...but, we found out that a few years ago they got in a fight with their next-door neighbors (members) and told us they didn´t want to go to Church if their neighbors were going to be there. So we told the members to go and apologize, but our investigator family didn´t accept their apology. So...yeah. Moral of this story: always be a good example to everyone, non-members and members alike. We also received a reference and taught a sweet family of five, but they had already made plans for Sunday and couldn´t go to Church. As difficult as it is, a lot of times, after we do all that we can do and don´t receive the result we desire, we have to accept the Lord´s will. It´s part of keeping your eye single to His glory. But man it´s hard...
So on the flipside, Leticia, Ricardo, and Raymundo did come to Church with us. Raymundo got confirmed (that was awesome....) and Leticia and Ricardo are very very anxious to be baptized this coming Sunday. We took Leticia and two of her kids Ricardo (11 years old) and Nayeli (27 years old) to the Visitor´s Center last night, and it was sweet. One of the Sister Missionaries at the Visitor´s Center asked Leticia, ¨What is it that would keep you from being baptized?¨ And she said, ¨Nothing! I just have to wait till next week!¨ Ha it was awesome. We´ve also been working with her daughter Nayeli, who was lives with her mom and three kids, and she just barely gave us some good news. She had been living with her boyfriend for two months, and we had been talking about the Law of Chastity with her, and of course, about what she needed to do in order to follow that commandment. Yesterday, she told us very excitedly that she kicked that guy to the curb! She told us ¨He was my right hand that was offending me...So I had to cut it off!¨ The only problem is that she hasn´t come to Church with us yet. But this week! This is where prayers are needed.
That´s pretty much all the news I have. President Bulloch is headed home in three weeks and we´ll be receiving a new Mission President--lots and lots of changes! I´m excited for what the Lord has waiting for me in the future.
Love you all, be safe, be smart, be clean, be humble, pray a lot, remember your covenants, and remember that the Dead cannot be saved without us and we can´t be saved without our Dead! So.....Head to your nearest TEMPLE!!!
Elder Budge

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