Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey there family!

As you can guess, all of Mexico is going crazy about the World Cup down in South Africa. It's nuts. When Mexico played against South Africa on Friday, they even put the game on in the Schools so kids wouldn't skip school to see the game! HAHA! And all through our studies on Friday our neighbors were screaming like crazy. Ha it was funny.

Thanks for writing me all of you--you know who you are--so now I will respond to your emails, maybe throw in a funny comment here and there, and then I'll let you know about my week. Dad, sounds like you guys had an EXCELLENT time on Memorial Day...I really am super grateful for our amazing heritage. I can't wait to dig in to geneology work when I get back. And where in Salt Lake is the Red Iguana? My comp always tell me that Iguana meat is really really good...but I doubt that's what you guys ate. JOSH, head out on the mission as soon as you can. Don't worry about seeing me! We'll have an eternity to hang out afterward, the mission should be your very first priority. Do whatcha gotsta do. And that's awesome that Olimpo is alistandose to go on the mission as well. We will be an awesome unstoppable Montoya missionary force! At least, for a few months. And Mom, I think our only option would be to send the new card to the mission offices (for those of you who don't know...I left my debit card at Walmart and lost it...I'm dumb) but just make sure that it's secure and me hace mucha falta.

Sounds like Panders had a killer time at Girls''s funny working with Young Women's leaders out here sometimes...the Young Women's Program of the Church is awesome but it's totally foreign to me...are girls aliens? And it's good Panda took some newbies snipe hunting. Haha like father and and older daughter. Not that catchy of a phrase...haha. MANDY, that sounds like a sick dream! We'll definitely be hitting up all the NFG concerts we can. I just have so little time left I can't believe how fast it's going by. And thanks for the 'autographs'. It's the thought that counts right? Oh and Mandy...letters are always welcome here in Mexico. Feel free to give them my address...especially if any are entering into the Young Single Adult Program here soon...haha it's a joke. Kinda.

John, sounds like you're tearing it up in Dallas, as always, soon you'll be the Boss of that whole company, and you'll have to hook me up with a job as your translator so you can talk to the workers. Haha. Just to let you know, i'm in Los Heroes Tecamac, in the State of Mexico (El Estado de Mexico). If they're chilangos they'll know whats up.

So the follow up on the cliffhanger I left you with last week...

Ricardo Sanchez is awesome. He's the guy that contacted us last week, and we've had a few lessons with him. He is just super elect. He fulfills with all his commitments, he's got a baptismal date for the 30th of June (2 more weeks); he just needs to quit smoking and he'll be good. And I'm sure he'll do it. Leticia and her son Ricardo are doing awesome, we just had to postpone their baptism for this coming Sunday because Leticia had an Interview with President Torres, a counselor in the Mission Presidency, and they decided that another week was necessary so that she could invite all her family to attend her baptism. Therefore, it shall come to pass shortly. Her daughter Nayeli (the one who cut off her 'arm'), wasn't able to come to Church with us because of her she's looking to cut off that arm too and get a new one (AKA find a new job) so that she can come to Church with us. So that will be awesome.

So on Tuesday Elder Tadeo and I stopped at a store on the way home to buy more milk (you know how I love milk...and I'm famous for it in our Ward haha) when we walked by a taco stand and I saw a gigantic herd of GRINGOS!! We didn't stop to talk to them but I was left with the curiousity. By the way, gringos are americans, for those of you who haven't heard the term. Anyway, so we were walking on Saturday when I saw three of them walking down the street towards us, and I turned to my companion and said that I was going to contact them, and he told me not to, but I said yes! so I did. Haha. Turns out two of them are RM's and they're here as Exchange Students finishing out Chiropractor school (AWESOME), but they didn't know how to get to the Church. We told them we would pick them up for Church if they would help us do splits to pick up investigators, and they accepted. It was sweet. Their names are Tyler and Josh; Tyler served in the Moscow Russia mission and Josh in the Cebu Phillipines mission (no...he doesn't know John Crespo). Both of them are good guys and they offered us free treatment for our backs. No room for complaint there.

Family and friends, the Church is most true. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for the service I have been able to offer the Lord. My family already knows that they have received many, many blessings, as well as I have. We should all stand a little taller. Be a little more grateful. Our Heavenly Father has given us the amazing gift of immortality...we simply cannot waste one minute on things that just don't matter. Spend more time with your family. Mom, Dad, I love you, and I've felt that more than I ever have before. We're all eternal best friends.

Be safe, be smart, and remember to go to the Temple.

Elder Budge

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