Monday, December 7, 2009

Xochitenco, La Perla!

Hello from very dusty Chimalhuacan!

As I said before, I had changes last Tuesday, and I've been transferred to La Perla Stake, in the Xochitenco Ward--I wrote from Chimalhuacan because that is what the city is called. And there are maybe a total of 5 paved roads in my area, which always makes walking in windy weather an adventure. My new companion's name is Elder Cardenas (accent on the a), and he's got two more cycles left before he heads home to San Luis, Mexico. We're having a good time.

We had a baptism yesterday, a lady named Nancy, who has been attending church here for about 6 years. She hadn't been able to be baptized because she wasn't married, but she finally convinced her husband to tie the knot and they were married on Saturday. Although I don't know her very well, I absolutely loved being able to watch her be baptized by my companion after so many years of waiting.

We have some pretty cool investigators--Adrian, Maria (who need to get married); Berenice (who also needs to get married); and Mauri, who is really really really awesome. Please pray for them so that they may have the means necessary in order to be able to be baptized. I can't tell you how important your prayers are to the work we do here!

There's not much more news from my end. We're headed to the Temple to have a session, eat dinner, and have Zone Conference tomorrow, and I'm really really really excited, I haven't been able to go to the temple in 4 months! Take advantage of the many opportunities you have to attend the temple--to do sessions and to do baptisms and confirmacions for the dead! I can assure you, there are thousands and thousands of people anxiously waiting to be able to receive a Remission of their sins and other saving ordinances on the other side of the veil. Remember, our dead cannot be saved without us, and we cannot be saved withouth them.

Love you all, and I hope you're listening to Christmas music every day.

Elder Budge

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