Monday, September 7, 2009

My first cycle is already over...crazy.

Hey everyone! I hope you´re doing well.

Because I am! This week has been hectic for us here in Atlicpac. We confirmed Daniela yesterday in Sacrament meeting, which was awesome, and we completed that family! It´s an awesome feeling. She´s doing great, she is going to baptisms for the dead on Thursday. I´m excited for her. She already wants to head to the baptismal font again. The Lord has allowed us to see tremendous miracles in this area.

This week has been hectic because Monday through Friday Elder Pastrana and I went to the City and We only had Saturday and Sunday to really work. Elder Pastrana has had some medical problems, so we went to the Federal District (that is what I refer to when I say ¨the City¨) a lot to have exams and all that good stuff. On Friday we had to go to a laboratory in order to get a Tomagraphy of his ear, which was actually pretty cool, apart from taking up all of our time last week. Nevertheless we had some good success on Satuday and Sunday; we have two new investigators who are really really cool, who have a baptismal date for the 20th of September. I´m really looking forward to that. An inactive member brought both of them to Church last Sunday; they´re part of an AA group, and have been searching for Religion. It´s awesome to see this sincere desire that they have to change their lives for the better--more than anything I could see in their eyes that they really wanted to find our Father in Heaven. I´m excited for both of them. 

There isn´t much else to report on... we´re head to the Federal District again to pick up the results from Elder Pastrana´s tomography--which will let us know how complicated the surgery is going to be (the fact that there will be surgery is inevitable). Pray for him, please. We don´t want it to interfere too much with the work.

I love you all, and I love the emails. Keep em coming. By the by, if you receive an Email from me, that means that you can reply to me through email as well. Thanks!

Elder Budge

Fotos: the Baptism of Daniela, Elder Pastrana and I with our rain gear (it has been raining like crazy here), and me doing some street magic for the enjoyment of the viewing public.

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