Monday, September 28, 2009

2 months in Mexico? No puede ser...

Good afternoons!

That´s what we say in Spanish. Don´t ask why its plural because I do not know. I can´t believe another week has passed; time flies so so fast when you walk as much as we do, I suppose. Yesterday was my four-month mark, and I feel like I´ve been here for a week. It´s a good sign, I guess, because it means we´re working hard and keeping busy every day. And we´ve been seeing an abundance of miracles.

Yesterday, Elder Pastrana and I had the privelege of providing the saving ordinance of Baptism for two of the Almas of God (souls). It was so great, I love seeing our investigators in white--the change in them is just astounding. I´ll try to attach a picture, but the card reader on this computer is a little finicky. I baptized Irais and Elder Pastrana baptized Angelica. It was a sweet experience. We have two baptisms programmed for the following Sunday for Vicente (our miracle walk-in investigator, who is really awesome) and for Claudia, Angelica´s daughter. If all goes well, Juan, Angelica´s husband, should be baptized the following Sunday (11th).
It will be really awesome because we´re going to the Stake Center to watch General Conference next Sunday, and we´ll have the baptisms between the two sessions of conference, along with the other missionaries in our Stake who have baptism scheduled as well. I know, right?

Just by the way, we had our Zone Conference last week (the 22nd), and I received letters from Miranda, Elder Jace Ross, and Kristie Martin (Kristie, I have received every letter, don`t worry). The letters I received were sent from BEFORE August 17th (do the math...that means over a month after they were submitted to DearElder). Just to let you know the approximate time frame. But thank you all, it´s great to know how everyone is doing.

We finally got a Ward Mission Leader called in our Ward, and we had a really good training meeting with him on Saturday. We received the list of Ward Missionaries on Sunday, and Elder Pastrana and I are preparing a training meeting for all of them on Saturday of this week. The Lord is definitely blessing us here in Atlicpac with the help of the members. Do your best to try to give at least one refferral to the missionaries this week--the work is so much more effective with the help of the members.

I love you all, and hope things are going just swimmingly for you. Suerte!

Elder Budge

PS- Nope, I couldn´t attach the picture. Dang.

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