Monday, December 20, 2010


Hey Family!!!
Forgive me for leaving you all on the edges of your seats last week...the transfers came as quite a surprise. Anywho, my new companion is Elder CoutiƱo, and he´s a Zone Leaders...which means I have also assigned to be a Zone Leader. My companion is an absolute stud, and we´ve had an awesome week, full of excellent experiences!
We had the privelege of having a Conference with Elder Tenorio of the Seventy, who is serving in the Area Presidency here in Mexico. He taught us some awesome principles, especially what he taught about praying specifically and receiving specific answers. Sorry if this letter is a little short, my hands are freeeezing and it´s hard to type fast.
So it turns out that this year, I am officially allowed to use SKYPE and webcams to call home this Christmas!! Isn´t that awesome? We just got an email from the Missionary Department of the Church letting us know that that´s allowed!! So, I´m thinking we can talk on Saturday at 6 o clock Mexico time, and I just set up an account with SKYPE so we can do a Video Call!! It´s going to be great! So if you don´t have a webcam, BUY ONE! Set up an account on Skype, and look me up (my username is jacob.budge1 ) ok?? jacob.budge1 !!!!!
Love you all, and SEEE you on Saturday!!!
Elder Budge