Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of the Dead, Spongebob, and a new son...

Hey family!!
Sorry I couldn't write a whole lot last week, but I hope you enjoyed all the photos I sent. I'm trying to be more consistent in sending pictures...I think it makes my emails a little less boring. Mandy, I hope you keep uploading all this stuf onto that blog! I hear that I have fans? Haha just kidding. But seriously sometimes people ask. Anyway, thanks for writing me everyone, it's always really good to hear how everyone's doing.
Now I will answer some questions. Mom, of course they celebrate Halloween here in Mexico! What were ya thinking? American culture is very very integrated on Halloween it was just like you might imagine it at home. Some teengers walking around in Costumes, little kids asking for candy, and if the missionaries don't have candy, they usually ask for money instead. But yeah, it's funny that when most people think of Mexico they usually think of huge sombreros and panchos and stuff like that, but it's really different. Everyone here watched iCarly and Drake and Josh, and of course everyone's obsessed with Spongebob Squarepants. When it comes to things like that, it's a lot like home. But you were right when you said that we celebrate the Day of the Dead...they're actually a few days if we want to be exact. And it's a little different from Memorial Day...people here set up altars in their houses with things that they're beloved dead liked while they were here in foods they liked, cigarrettes, wine...and the tradition is that the dead people actually come and eat what they have set out on their altars. It's weird. But they have different days for different types of dead, like one day for babies who died before being "baptized", people who were murdered have a different day, peope who died in accidents, etc. But anywho, the best part is that we eat tons of mole (say it with me, MO-LAY), and it's delicious. This year I decided to participate in the cooking process, and there's a picture attached.
Anyway, on to the good stuff. Looks like me and melissa are Pregnant at the same time! Only my baby boy is due tomorrow! That's right, I'm getting transferred after my six shorts week in Xicotepec, and I'll be training a newby. My second son! I'm really grateful for the opportunity to train will be a blast. I think we'll be opening up a new area too, so that will be interesting. I've never opened an area before. But anyway, I'm goodbye to good ol' Xico and headed towards Mexico tomorrow bright and early.
That's really all the news I have; I just want to congratulate David for putting both feet firm back at home. He'll be helping me out with music updates when I get back. That's a good sign of mission well spent--means he put two feet firm in the mission, fulfilled what he need to fulfill, and can very surely put both feet back at home.
I love you all, and happy Day of the Dead!!
Elder Budge

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