Monday, November 8, 2010

Aaww...nadie me quiere. Sino Brady...yeeaah!‏

Hello family!!!
How on earth are you all doing?! Dang Derek made me realize something crazy...we are the only two left! That's weird to think about. And our time is winding down so we just have to work hard and work hard and work hard and baptize the world in just a short time. And we are speaking the best language on earth! So I have some pretty sweet news for you. Here it goes.
As I mentioned last week, I got changed from Xicotepec, Puebla (aka in the middle of nowhere...) and now I'm in the very center, the very heart, if you will, of the Federal District...the largest city in the world!! I got transferred to the innermost part of our mission, right smack-dab in the middle of Mexico City. We have a bazillion metro stations, lots of taxis, buses...and for the very first time, I have a Wal-Mart in my area. Haha. But the best part is that our Wards here in this area are just awesome. This is my first time working with more than one ward at a time, so it's been a nice challenge figuring out how to work with three! The Ward mission leader from one of our wards has been helping out a ton, and after Sunday we now have a better understanding how we're going to tackle this new task.
My new son is awesome, his name is Elder Flores. He's the most teachable greenie I've ever met! He's super humble and pays really close attention to everything I do, and he's a really quick learner. It's been such a joy to be his trainer. My first son, Elder Montoya, is training for the second time as well, and the four of us are working in the same Stake. Pure Budge posterity is rocking the Moctezuma Stake!! It's a really humbling idea really, I truly feel grateful for the trust the Lord has placed in me.
I'm continuing to serve as a District Leader as well...but now my district is a little different. I have the two companionships of Secretaries (who don't even live in our mission...) and ALL the sisters from the Visitor's Center at the Mexico City Temple are part of my District! In total I have about 23 missionaries in my district! It has been a blast so far, and tonight we're having our first official District meeting in the Stake Center next to the temple. I can't wait haha! We'll take a gigantic district photo and I'll send it next week.
That's all the news I have...until next week!!
Elder Budge
PS. The reason for the subject of this email is that Brady is the only one who wrote me today...come on!!

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