Monday, July 5, 2010

First week of training!

Hellooooo family!!
How´s everyone doing?! Sounds like the 4th of July was a blast! I was thinking about Malad this morning...and I was craving some home-made root beer out behind Ken's farm! DAAAANG! But that's Ok, my kid and I had a pretty cool 4th of July too!
Yes, Grandma and Grandpa, I received the CAMERA! THANK YOU! And I also received the letter you wrote me. I'm in the process of writing you back! I just need to buy some envelopes. Also! Mom, I imagine that the former Elder Hunter (now known as Jared Hunter) left all that stuff on our porch! Ha! He went home in April, and he's from our Stake and lives really close to us (over by Deerfield) and I sent a bunch of stuff home with him. Miranda, the New Moon thing is for you (obviously), and Josh, that is a real-deal REY MISTERIO luchador mask. ENJOY!!

So anyway, last Tuesday I went to the Changes meeting to pick up my new greenie! His name is Elder Montoya (no...we still don't know if we're related...I don't have my pedigree chart and neither does he). But he's a baller for sure! He's a 25-year-old convert from Mexicali, Baja California. We get along really well; and he's got an incredibly huge enthusiasm for missionary work! My job is to turn him into a missionary of SUCCESS! And speaking of success...
This week went really well for us, inspite of the really short time we had for proselyting. On Tuesday I went to pick up Elder Montoya in the Federal District, on Wednesday we had District Classes, Thursday was a normal work day, Friday we went up to a place called Pachuca to meet the new Mission President (that took up 8 hours of our day), Saturday we did our weekly planning and Sunday we had Church and a baptismal service. Yikes...busy week.
Nevertheless, we had an awesome week. We were working hard with Ricardo Sanchez (he had a smoking problem) all week, and on Thursday morning we finally had his baptismal interview! It was sweet! He passed, of course, and we had his baptismal service on Sunday afternoon. He came to the baptism late and my companion was worried out of his mind! I kept telling him, "Elder, the Lord's elect always show up. There's always one final trial, so just don't worry about it!" Ricardo's one final trial was a ridiculous amount of traffic due to a crazy accident on the bridge close to the Church. My companion's first baptism was sweet!
We're continuing to work with Nayeli...she has yet another interview tomorrow in the afternoon. I know that all will go well with her! And we've been working with a new investigator named Dulce, she's sweet! Ha...bad joke. (For those of you who don't know..."Dulce" means "Sweet"). She accepted her baptismal date for the 18th of July, has been reading the Book of Mormon and told us she believes the Book of Mormon is true. What more could we ask?
I think that's all the news from my end. I'm sending some photos of...
1. Baptism of Leticia and Ricardo (Leticia's son)
2. Elder Tanner and I a few days before he went home
3. My last picture with President Bulloch before he went home
4. My trainer, me, and my trainee
5. Our ride in the Combi up to Pachuca for the Conference on Friday
6. Ricardo Sanchez's baptism
7. Me reporting last the pouring rain.
Love you all!
Elder Budge

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