Monday, April 19, 2010

Say it with me, " IX-TAH-PAH-LOO-KAH "

Hellloo Family!
It's so good to hear from all of you! And when I say "all of you" I really mean Mom, and Dad...but they pretty much tell me what everyone else is doing too. Dad, it sounds like it's good to be back in the US of A...eating delicious hamburgers and milkshakes! You should go to Burger King and eat a tasty chocolate milkshake for me...I have yet to find a good milkshake here in Mexico. Dang. I can't believe John and Jeremy and Josh Louder are already graduating from college! It's crazy how fast time flies by. But sounds like Todd and Lori are going to be pretty busy these next few weeks. I can't wait to party in that house again! We'll have to play "Sardines" again when I get back.
Yes mom, I got my new specs, thanks! They're super comfy and...well they help me see. That really was the goal when I went glasses shopping last Monday. Mission accomplished. And yeah, I'm getting to know my new companion really well...he's awesome! We're like two peas in a pea-holder. We both have a really sarcastic sense of humor, and we both love working really hard...and the best part is, we're both madly in love with the same girl. Her name is BAPTISM...and we get to see her very often. But yeah, I guess he's lived back and forth between the United States and Mexico pretty much his whole life, so that's why he speaks english (technically he's American...because his mom crossed the border so he could be born in Texas!) haha. But yeah, we're having a blast out here in Los Heroes, and we had some pretty sweet adventures this past week!
So our main focus this past week was Adriana and her two kids, Oswaldo and Valeria. I don't remember if I already told you about them, but they're a referral we received from a Sister in the ward my second or third day here in the area...but anyways, they're really really awesome, and the past week we spent most of our time (at least once a day) visiting them, because we had their baptism planned for yesterday. So we teached everythang that needed to be teached and we set up their interviews for Wednesday night with Elder Walk. (I forget to tell you last week, Elder Walk, my companion from the MTC is our District Leader!! It's so sweet!!). Oswaldo and Valeria passed with flying colors, but Elder Walk told us we had to have a Special Interview for Adriana, but we wouldn't be able to have it until Sunday! He said he would let us know the details the next day to find out when and where. So we called him the next day, and he told us that the interviews were going to be in Ixtapaluca (you pronounce it just like it looks...), which was my first Zone. In other words...a good three hours away. And we had to get there by 12 o clock...but Sacrament meetings starts here at 10 o clock. So you can imagine that Sunday was way stressful for us. We finally found someone to take us on Sunday morning, we went to Sacrament meeting for ten minutes, and then started our road trip to Ixtapaluca!
Long story short, (I say that a lot, don't I?) we got to the interviews at 12 30ish, got her in the interview after waiting another hour for President Parra (counselor in the Mission Presidency) to get out of another meeting, and she passed! It was sweeet. We headed home, had the baptismal service at 7 o clock last night, and had a nice little visit with our girlfriend, Baptism. It was so awesome to see that the Lord had arranged everything so perfectly for Sunday...after many days of not being able to see the solution. I was pretty stressed out...but kept working and working and searching for a solution, and when Sunday morning came, in a matter of minutes the Lord had provided us with the means we needed in order to accomplish the task we had in front of us.
Everyone, please always remember that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. It's His Church. He knows what's going on and He can help us, always always, if we have the faith to motivate us to action, and we exercise our faith as a principle of power. President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of our loving Heavenly Father. That is true.
Anyway, other than that we had a pretty normal week. On Saturday we had a sweet Stake Activity with the Young Men and Young Women...we taught English in different classes and the Youth rotated through our classes in groups. It was sweet. I gave out treats so I'm pretty sure everyone liked my class about the First Article of Faith the best.
Send letters! Send packages! Emails! Ties! Socks! and of course...lots and lots of love.
Elder Budge

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