Monday, April 5, 2010


Hello Family!
Porque decis vosotros que nuestro Dios y Padre ha cesado de ser un Dios de Milagros? Ciertamente Dios dejaria de ser Dios si cambiara en Su naturaleza y las cosas que El afectua entre los hijos de los hombres!
This week has been absolutely full of miracles! This cycle has been an absolute rough one for us, but what has kept us alive is our consistency in working hard and staying anxiously engaged in the work of the Lord. In Priesthood session of General Conference this past weekend, Elder Uchtdorf spoke of patience--and that has been what has kept Elder Escobar and I (for the most part) sane during these rought weeks. I add my testimony to his that the greatest personal growth is experienced in waiting rather than in receiving. We never stopped working. We never stopped being obedient. We never came home at night and said "Oh..we can just do our planning tomorrow during companionship study...". And THAT is what has allowed the Lord to work miracles here in Xochitenco. I'll be sad to leave this area tomorrow, but am very excited as well to meet my new companion and get to know my new area. I'll let you know where I go next week!
So, want to hear about the miracles we had this week? Of course. Well, as you may or may not already know, we had been struggling all cycle to baptize Sofia, and in my letter last week I explained how I kind of "planched" her Dad about the reception of the Holy Ghost and other things. We had done everything that was within our power. BUT, the greatest changes started to occur when Sofia started to speak for herself, and not just through us. She told her parents that she was going to change, and that she wanted to be baptized with their permission. Her mom said she would sign the Membership Record if she was good this (past) week...but her Dad gave her a firm "NO. Not this week." We went to her house everday to make sure she was doing her chores, wasn't fighting with her brother and sister, and was doing extra things around the house in order to help her mom. She did everything and more, and on Thursday, she finally mustered up the courage to really talk with her Dad.
She looked at him straight in the eye, and said, "Dad, I want to be baptized." He said, in one way or another, that he did not support that decision and wouldn't sign the form. She then said to him, "Dad, I want to be baptized this Sunday, and I need your permission. Whether you give me permission or not, I'm going to continue going to Church, I'm going to continue changing, and I will NOT be the same person I was before. Do you want to sign this form or not?" He was completely silent. Without saying a word, he sat and sat and then walked away. We came by her house the next day, Friday, and she came to the door with a really sad look on her face. She said, "I talked with my Dad last night..." she looked down, and then pulled out the Membership Record Form---SIGNED BY HER DAD HIMSELF! It was awesome.
To make a long story a little less long, we had a beautiful baptismal service last night where all the youth from the ward, Sofia's grandma, cousin, and parent were in attendance. My Companion had the pleasure of baptizing her, and I was priveleged enough to be a witness.
God is working miracles among His children, but it requires the efforts by all involved. We missionaries could not do it alone. Sofia had to take a huge step of faith: then and only then was the Lord able to touch the heart of Sofia's father.
So I have changes tomorrow, I'll be heading to the Changes Meeting next to the Temple tomorrow to be assigned to my new companion and my new area. Sweet!
Love you long time.
Elder Budge
Attached are the photo from the baptism and some photos from Conference...I think.

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