Monday, July 6, 2009

I have 3 weeks left. Whoa.

Hello family and you other ones!

This past week has been the most incredible week of the Mission so far. I don't even know where to start. Actually, I do know where to start, I just felt like using that expression. I'll start at the beginning.

So last Monday I got to spend 3 and half hours cleaning the Provo temple! It was sweet, and weird. But mostly sweet. They keep that Temple--and every Temple, I'm sure--ridiculously clean. We were using q-tips and toothpicks to clean stuff. It was awesome. We had a really good time. Nothing but the best for the Lord, right? Right.

On Tuesday Elder Walk and I had an awesome time at the Refferal Center. We were chatting with this guy on and he was saying all this stuff about how when we ask people to pray about the Book of Mormon, it proves that the BOM is false because people don't need to pray about the Bible to know it's the word of God. Then he was talking about all these different alterations that have been made since the 1830 Edition of the Book of Mormon (You can read about the alterations on > Gospel Topics > "Book of Mormon, changes to"). He was saying the BOM wouldn't need changes if it was the 'most correct book' on Earth. The thing he didn't realize (and refused to realize) is that the 'most correct' does not mean 'grammatically perfect.' There were many HUMAN errors made while transcribing the spoken translation, when the printer set the type for the publication, and for other reasons. It doesn't change our need to have Faith in Christ, repent, be baptized by those who have His authority, receive the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. The principles of Christ's Gospel have never and will never change. The man wouldn't except our simplest invitation: to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know of its truthfulness. The witness of the Holy Ghost is infinitely more powerful than the interpretation of Anti-Mormon groups. Obviously his intention was not to seek Divine Truth. How tragic. Maybe one day, as Alma the Younger did, he'll have a change of heart and bring many into a knowledge of the truth. The Lord prepares the hearts of men on His own time.

So later in the week Elder Walk and I had amazing teaching opportunities. The experiences we had with teaching (in Spanish) are very personal and sacred, but I wanted to let you know that the Gift of Tongues is very very very very very real, and I have been abundantly blessed with the opportunity to share the Gospel in the Spanish Language. I honestly don't know why we even taught in English in the first place haha. I like teaching in Spanish a lot more, and I think Elder Walk feels the same. I am so blessed to have him as my companion, and we're so blessed to have the Holy Ghost as our "Senior Companion".

So the 4th of July was pretty sweet here at the good ol' MTC. We ended all our classes and meetings at 7 on Saturday, and had a Devotional. Outside the Devotional, Sister Kenzi Allen and I had a pretty lengthy discussion about the MTC and Spanish and things like that. She's learning a different dialect of Spanish ( I can't remember what it's called) and it has weird different verb conjugations and stuff. It's pretty trippy. She refused to bear her testimony in Spanish though haha. But anywho, we went into the Devotional, and it was about the Reformers, the Founders of the United States, and how they set the Stage for the Restoration of the Gospel. It really is incredible how perfectly timed every event was (what else would you expect...God is perfect). Afterward, we all got to go outside and watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks, which was awesome. I have a bunch of good pictures that i'll be sending this week. Luckily, we're perfectly distanced from Lavell Edwards stadium, because we could see the fireworks really well, but couldn't hear the Jonas Brothers play. Those are two ingredients that make for one fantastic Independence Day.

I love all of you, and I hope to hear from you very soon.

Elder Budge

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